Once the Payment feature is active click on the tab Manage > Event ticketing > Tickets and Rates.

Set up your tickets

  • Add a ticket > Label it > Check "free ticket" or "paid ticket" > Insert the selling price as well as the VAT.
  • If you want to make this ticket available only to a certain category of participants, click on the sub-tab "eligible participants". Add the conditions wanted using the segments system then click on "Add".

According to your need, you can:

  • Limit the number of tickets available or check "Without stock limit"
  • Allow your participants to order multiple tickets
  • Force ticket selection when the participant is eligible

Organize your tickets

  • Add a category of tickets to organize your ticketing (accommodation, restaurant, shuttle service, tickets for the event...).¬†
  • To reorganize the various tickets and/or categories, click on the arrows next to the ticket or category label, then drag and drop to place it in the desired area.


  • To limit the selection to only one ticket by category, click on the pencil next to the category label then click on the so named checkbox.
  • It's possible to create promotion codes to set custom automatic discounts on certain tickets¬†