Once paid registration is activated you can set up your tickets, fares, and add-ons. 

The Digitevent ticketing system allows you to offer paid and/or free tickets. All funds collected will be accessible from your "My Cashouts" tab after validation of your financial identity.

When registering a participant, the choice of ticket(s) precedes the registration form.

1) Create your tickets

  • Add a ticket > Name it > Insert the number of tickets available or check "no stock limit" > Check "free ticket" or "paid ticket".
  • You can indicate the amount of VAT at the creation of the ticket.
  • If the cerfa template is activated in the "payment options" you will be able to indicate the amount of the donation.

You can also:

  • Add a description
  • Limit the number of tickets available
  • Allow participants to order multiple tickets by applying a minimum and maximum purchase number per order
  • Make a ticket mandatory when a participant is eligible for it. A contact is eligible if he/she belongs to the selected segment for this ticket.
  • Make your tickets nominative

Depending on your needs, you can:

  • Send a ticket only to certain guests. In the sub-tab "Eligible participants", enter the conditions of your choice using the segment system and then add the ticket.
  • Choose the fields required for purchase. By default, last name and first name are already added. 

2) Adding Add-ons

You can add add-ons to all your tickets. An add-on can concern one or more tickets. 

3) Organize your tickets

You can move your tickets and add-ons by using the cross on the left. The tickets and add-ons will appear in the order you choose.