KYC (Know Your Customer): allow the identity of a company's customers to be verified in order to prevent identity theft, tax evasion, money laundering and terrorism. 

Validate your financial identity: 

In order to be able to recover the funds collected from your events, first you will have to validate your financial identity with the bank (KYC).

From your back office, contact our CSM team by clicking on the "?" at the top right of your screen and send them : 

  • A proof of identity:  identity card or passport of the legal representative).The document must be taken as a photo (no scans), in good quality, without flash, without reflection, and completely legible (not cut, the edges must be clearly visible).
  • A bank account to which the funds of the event will be transferred

Recover the collected funds:

- Go to the tab "Ticketing" > "My Cashouts" 

- And click on "Recover Funds".

The transfer is made within 5 working days.