Activating the ticketing system allows you to offer the purchase of tickets (paid or free) to attend your event.

There are two ways to activate a ticketing service for your events. 

1) When creating your event, check:

- "Enable ticketing"

2) If your event is already created, in your back office click on: 

General event settings > Information > Enable ticketing.

In the ticketing tab > Ticketing settings > Regulatory documents > Fill in the legal information of the entity and upload the necessary documents for KYC validation. 


  • We advise you to validate your financial identity and KYC as soon as possible to avoid any further delays when collecting the collected funds. For this validation do not hesitate to consult: Validate my financial identity.
  • If you need to set up a ticketing system in a currency other than the euro, you can make a request to our support team by clicking on the (?) at the top right of your screen.
    Please note that there will be a small delay in the activation of the new currency. This change must be requested before KYC validation.
  • Once the ticketing system is activated you can configure your tickets!