Once paid registration is activated you can set up your tickets and fares and add add-ons. 

The Digitevent ticketing system allows you to offer paid and/or free tickets. All funds collected will be accessible from your "My Cashouts" tab after validation of your financial identity.

When registering a participant, the choice of ticket(s) precedes the registration form.

1) Create your tickets

  • Add a ticket > Name it > Insert the number of tickets available or check "no stock limit" > Check "free ticket" or "paid ticket".
  • You can indicate the amount of VAT at the creation of the ticket.
  • If the cerfa template is activated in the "payment options" you will be able to indicate the amount of the donation.

You can also:

  • Add a description
  • Limit the number of tickets available
  • Allow your participants to purchase multiple tickets
  • Make the ticket mandatory when a participant is eligible for it. A contact is eligible if he/she belongs to the selected segment for this ticket.
  • Make your tickets nominative

Depending on your needs, you can:

  • Send a ticket only to certain guests. In the sub-tab "Eligible participants", enter the conditions of your choice using the segment system and then add the ticket.
  • Choose the fields required for purchase. By default, last name and first name are already added. 

2) Adding Add-ons

You can add add-ons to all your tickets. An add-on can concern one or more tickets. 

3) Organize your tickets

You can move your tickets and add-ons by using the cross on the left. The tickets and add-ons will appear in the order you choose.


  • You have the possibility to deactivate your tickets. They will become inactive and will not be displayed anymore. You can check "show inactive", in the upper right corner, to make them appear again and to reactivate them depending on your needs. 
  • You have the possibility to create promotion codes that can be entered at the time of order to get automatic discounts.