In the back office, you can preview the event website. You will then be able to do some tests on the user's side and have a clear idea of the final rendering

The preview button is available on all tabs related to the event website. You can preview your website in different tabs of the back office:

Site content tab: 

Click on "Preview the website": 

  • Log in as a contact already in the database (if you want to do some tests, we strongly recommend you to add yourself to the contact list)
  • Log as an unlogged guest to experience the user's journey (registration via the form, redirection of button links, registration to group activities and matchmaking sessions...)


  • Group activities and matchmaking sessions: After creating your group activity or your matchmaking session, click on "Preview the website" to log as a contact already in the database, or as an unlogged contact. By logging in as a guest, you will be directed to his program.


The rendering of the website and program may be different depending on the segments to which the participants belong.