The segments are one of the most convenient features of the app. They allow you to filter contacts, messages sending, ticket office categories… depending on the criterias of your choice. 

Segments allow you to :

  • Filter all contacts who have their invitation status as “declined”
  • Filter all contacts who did not open the invitation campaign
  • Filter all contacts who registered after the MM/DD/YYYY...

When you create a segment, you can specify and combine as many conditions as necessary. It can be :

  • Cumulative conditions : filter contacts who match all conditions.
  • Alternative conditions : filter contacts who match at least one of the conditions.

Create a segment

  1. In the tab Manage > General > Segments > Create a segment 
  2. Name it. Click on "Add a condition" then select the desired one
  3. Click on the second drop down list to select the corresponding action ("Is exactly", "contains", "is empty"...)
  4. In the third drop down list, select or enter the desired information
  5. Click on "Next"

Remarks :

  • You can choose to send a campaign to more than one segment of contacts. For instance : Guests who confimed + Guests VIP
  • You can visualize in the Stats tab all your data related to your segments.