You have the possibility to create mailings for your save the date, invitations, information, or reminder emails...

On Digitevent these emails are called campaigns.

To create a campaign, go to your Back-Office > Campaigns  and click on "Start".

A pop-up asks you to fill in the name of the message (only visible by you) and the method of the message (email or SMS). Once the method is selected, choose one of the available templates and enter the subject of your email (this will be visible to the recipients) which can be changed at any time.

Personalize your email

After clicking on "Next" you will now see a sample email in front of you that you can edit.

We invite you to check the following items: 

  1. The Sender Name
    Tell recipients who you are or which entity you represent, this will be displayed in the "Sent By" of their mailboxes
  2. The Subject
    Choose simple and attractive words that will increase the chances of opening your email (to maximize the deliverability of your email, avoid "advertising" objects) 
  3. The sender's email address
    Just like the URL of your registration site, it can be modified to guarantee total transparency
  4. The recipient
    Personalize the campaign by segmenting the recipients.


The segment selection tool can be cumulative, up to 5000 people (contacts match all conditions) or alternative (contacts match at least one of these conditions).

To send automatic messages when a contact registers, go to Notifications and automations and follow this procedure : Automatic registration confirmation messages

Customize the theme of your email

Customize your campaigns