Manage > General > Campaign


1. Enter sender's name

Indicate to your contacts who you are or what entity you represent. It will appear as « send by » in their mailbox..


2. Enter subject

Write a short and eye-catching sentence to increase your chances of mail openings.

3. Drag and drop a block (Image, Text, etc) from the column on the right side into your e-mailing (central white block).

Once you have inserted a block, you can :

  • Move it : Click on the block then on the horizontal dots at the top. Drag and drop it to place it where you want it to be.
  • Delete it : Click on the block then on the trash bin. Confirm deletion.

4. Choose the font

We recommend you to use a maximal width of 580px for your images in email campaigns. As for the font, you can choose within the following list:

5. Insert merge tags or URL links

6. To visualize your emails in the mobile format, click on "mobile preview" next to "Send test" 

7. If you have several email fields, click on "campaign settings" then, in the drop down list, select the field containing your contacts' email adresses.

8. If you wish to send this email to a certain segment of contacts, click on "Modify audience" then enter the necessary conditions.

9. Don't forget to save your modifications once you have personalized your email.

10. To leave the editing zone, click on the horizontal lines on the top left-hand corner.