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1. Enter sender's name

Indicate to your contacts who you are or what entity you represent. It will appear as « send by » in their mailbox..


2. Enter subject

Write a short and eye-catching sentence to increase your chances of mail openings.

3. Drag and drop a block (Image, Text, etc) from the column on the right side into your e-mailing (central white block).

Once you have inserted a block, you can :

  • Move it : Click on the block then on the horizontal dots at the top. Drag and drop it to place it where you want it to be.
  • Duplicate it : Click on the block and on the 2 squares.
  • Delete it : Click on the block then on the trash bin.

4. Choose the font

We recommend you to use a maximal width of 580px for your images in email campaigns. As for the font, you can choose within the following list:

5. Insert merge tags or URL links

6. To visualize your emails in the mobile format, click on "mobile preview" next to "Send test" (or you can send you a test also)

7. If you wish to send this email to a certain segment of contacts, click on "All contacts" button and then choose your segment.

8. Modifications are saved automatically.