The platform's import functionality allows you to import a list of participants from your Excel spreadsheet. 

You will then be able to communicate with them through an emailing campaign

You can also use it to limit access to registration to contacts already imported if you use the registration site.

The import is done from your Back-Office > General event settings > Import of contacts > choose the Excel file you would like to import.

To import your file, make sure that:

  • The column names are in line 1.
  • No line or column is empty or hidden.
  • Excel filters on columns are disabled.
  • Your file is in .XLS or .XLSX format (Excel extension).
  • Your data to be imported are on the first sheet only.

If you are importing into an event that already contains contacts, here is how the import works:

  • The platform adds the contacts which mail is not already in the database.
  • Update the contacts already in the database (be careful, it is the email that is used to identify a contact, the updates of the imported file will overwrite the old data).
  • If you check the box "Replace the current list" the pre-existing list in the platform is definitively deleted in favor of the one you import.

After importing the file, you have 3 possibilities for each field:

  • Match the fields in your excel with those present by default in Digitevent (Last name, First name, Email, Phone, Organization, Job, Photo).
  • Import other fields by clicking on "Create a field" and choose the type (text, checkbox, email, image...).
  • If you don't need to import a field in Digitevent, just select "Do not import" in the correspondence table.


  • Beware of duplicates: It is impossible to import different contacts with the same email to avoid any risk of spam (even involuntary) if you use the campaign functionality via Digitevent.
  • Before importing a new list, we advise you to export your Digitevent contact data (Back-Office > General event settings > Export).
  • For checkbox:  If you would like to import checked boxes please put in your file one of these values: "yes" / "true".