You can import your contacts in the tab Manage > General > Import of contacts  

To correctly import your Excel file, make sure that :

  • The names of all fields are on the first line.
  • Empty lines or columns are deleted.
  • The file filters are disabled.
  • The file is in the .XLS or .XLSX format.
  • Only the first sheet of your Excel file is imported.
  • You have no merged cells.
  • All email duplicates are deleted.

Be careful with duplications !

If you send emails via Digitevent, it is impossible to import several contacts with the same email. Otherwise, if you don’t send emails, you can import duplicate emails and make them correspond with a text type field (that will support duplication).

Once the file is imported, make sure your fields match with those of Digitevent. The spelling doesn’t have to be the same, only the similarity counts. If you don’t need any information from Digitevent, just click on “do not import” in the comparative table.

You can carry out at any time an export of the Excel file data by clicking the button Export Excel.