If it is not possible that we book a new domain name for your event (strongly recommended), you have the possibility to use custom url with your own domain name.

Please note that this feature requires approval from your Digitevent salesperson and well as technical knowledge.

From your domain DNS manager, create a CNAME redirection from your domain to proxy.digitevent.com

As of now, the redirection is working (in HTTP only). To enable HTTPS, which we highly recommend : 

  1. Send your .CSR request to support@digitevent.com.
    Your demand must include all following properties.
    • Common name : the url your want to protect
    • Coutry name code (ex: FR)
    • State or Province name
    • Organization name
    • Organizational unit
    • Encryption algorithm
    • Key length
    • Email address

      You must mention : "NOT SET" if you do not specify a property of your .CSR.
      Note that the "Common name" is required and must be set to your domain name.

  2. Once provided with this .CSR file, you will be able to submit to your SSL authority. In return, you will get the .CRT file.

  3. Provide us with the .CRT file (to support@digitevent.com)

  4. Your domain will be active within 2 business days