If you don't want to create a custom URL (we strongly recommend) and would like to use your domain name, please ask our sales information about the custom URL.

Please note that if you would like to do it please note that full access to your DNS manager is needed. If you're not in charge of it please contact your IT to be sure that the following process is possible and authorized by your company.

Delay of implementation depends on your reactivity, when the certificate is issued on the client-side Digitevent usually implement it within 2 days.

From your domain DNS manager, create a CNAME redirection from your domain to proxy.digitevent.com

Please follow this procedure :

  1. Contact the support team: Create a new message by clicking on the ( ? ) icon on the top right corner of your Back-OfficePlease write down the name of your domain name and the email address needed for campaigns & notifications.
  2. Create a DNS redirection to proxy.digitevent.com: Directly in your DNS manager please create a CNAME redirection of your URL to proxy.digitevent.com. We will send you CNAME entries from your DNS manager. These entries are necessary to finish the procedure and activate the website with HTTPS and the sender address.
  3. Our team will put your domain name in place within two days.