The white label allows you to use Digitevent services in complete transparency. 

We have 2 levels of white label: 

Level 1: Software white label

The software white label allows you to:

  1. Remove the thin Digitevent banner located at the top of the event site.
  2. Customize the tablet upload interface with your logo and background image.
  3. Remove the Digitevent mention from the emails sent (confirmations, invitations, reminders...). The sender email address (used for invitations, confirmations...) is To personalize this sender email address used by Digitevent, you must use the white mark level 2. To activate it, please contact your sales representative. 


Level 2: Personalization of the domain name and the sender email address

Modify the domain name:

You will be able to change the domain name of your event site: for example, will become

  1. If you wish to reserve a dedicated domain name for your event: contact our tech team by clicking on the (?) symbol at the top right of your back office and specify the domain name and the desired sender email address.
    We can set up a redirection address that will allow us to redirect replies to one of your email addresses.
  2. You can also use your domain name: Using your domain name with HTTPS

The activation of your domain name (https) is carried out by our teams. As soon as you have the sales validation, please communicate the desired domain name to our tech team via the (?) button. Please note that the implementation of the domain name can take up to 2 business days.

Change the sender's email address:

Concerning the sending email address (invitation messages, automatic confirmations), you have two options: 

  1. Digitevent creates an email address from the reserved domain (type: We then redirect all emails to the address of your choice (if a participant replies to one of your messages).
  2. We use an email address that you already have ( This requires your IT department to grant us rights to your domain name, which can sometimes be tricky. To find out more: Using your domain name with HTTPS.