Badge printing allows you to print name badges on the day of the event, directly from the event tablets.

From your Back-Office > Check-in app > On-site badge printing > Choose the printing method (on transparent labels or laminated cards) and configure your badges.

To connect the printer on the day of the event:

To be done as far in advance as possible of the arrival of the first participant:

  1. Open the printer using the yellow buttons on the sides to check that the labels are positioned correctly
  2. Plug-in and turn on the printer
  3. Pair 1 tablet per printer (via Tablet Settings > Bluetooth > Printer number displayed in the supported devices)
  4. On the paired tablets, open the Android Digicheck app (install it, if not already done. See procedure)
  5. Enter your event code from your Back-Office > Check-in app > event code (- - - - - -).
  6. On the tablet, go to the menu at the top left > Printer and follow the instructions given on the tablet.
  7. Select the previously paired printer via Bluetooth. Caution: If you use more than one tablet per printer, make sure that these "secondary" tablets are not connected to the printer via Bluetooth. 

Having trouble?

  • Check that 1 printer = 1 master tablet. Once this link is established, any tablet will be able to print from the upload interface.
  • Never move a master tablet away from the printer to which it is assigned.
  • If the printer does not print:
    1. In the Digicheck app, go to the menu at the top left and disconnect the assigned printer then reselect it.
    2. In the tablet's Bluetooth settings, verify that only one printer is paired. Unpair everything and repair the correct printer if you are unsure.
  • If it still doesn't print, reset the printer: turn off the printer, then press the "Pause", "Cancel' and power button simultaneously. Hold them until only the status indicator button (diamond in a square) lights up.
  • If your wi-fi signal is unstable or bad, print only from the master tablet (the others need the internet).


  • If you want to change the event in the application, go to the menu > Log out.
  • If this feature is not activated in your back office, please contact your sales representative.