All contact information can be displayed, hidden and/or made editable directly on the tablet interface. We advise you to display only the fields needed by the reception staff.

From the back-office > Manage > Check-in settings > Check-in fields > Click on "customize". 

Add a field

Still in "Choose the fields displayed/modifiable on tablets", you will find all your fields in the list "Select the fields to display".

To display it on your shelves, click on the + in front of it and it will then slide into the "Displayed fields" list.

Removing a field from the check in interface

To remove a field from the tablet, click on the cross in front of it from the "Displayed Fields" list and it will slide into the "Select Fields to Display" list.

Make the field editable by the reception staff

  • When you exit "Choose the fields displayed/modifiable on the tablets", you will find the list of fields that will be displayed on your tablet. So you can click on a field and see the "Modifiable" option appear.
  • For each field, you can also choose the option "Display only when adding a guest on site". The information will then not be visible for existing contacts but will be requested for the addition of any new contact during the event (example: email address).

You will be able to search for a contact by a field other than First and Last Name

  • Click on the field > Activate "Search for participants via this field".
    Now: The search is limited to a maximum of three fields, Last name, First name and your third choice.

Display a clause attached to the "signature" field

  • If you have the signature option, you can customize the text of a clause that will be readable on the tablets when signed.
    To activate it, click on the "signature" field > Activate the clause > Insert your text then save.

Displaying Different Information on Different Tablets

This may be necessary if your shelves are at different entrances.

Tablet by tablet, on the check in interface, go to the top left menu > Display Settings > Check the fields you want to appear on the tablet.