A email can't be adressed twice to the same person. Therefore, to send a reminder campaign, duplicate your invitation campaign or create a new one if you want to change its content. Then, use segments related to the status of your campaign or the contact's invitation status.
For example, create the segment: Invitation status - is not - confirmed.


Remarks :

- Never give the plain URL of your event website via Digitevent mailings but instead use predefined links. Thanks to them:

  • The invitation status automatically changes from "To treat" to "Invited" in the guest list once you send your mailing
  • The registration form is pre-filled with the contact's information.

- Send yourself a "test mailing" before sending it to all your contacts because sending emails is irreversible.

To send a test mailing :

  • Click on the campaign > "Send test" > Enter your email adress

- If you import new contacts, send them the campaign:

  • Tab Messages > Manual Campaigns.
  • On the already sent campaign, click on "Send" > Send to new contacts.

- If you don't remembered to whom you have sent the campaign, click on the campaign then on "Statistics" (top right-hand corner). You can quickly visualize all your mailings' information (exact day and hour of the sending as well as the segment and number of contacts).