To visualize rapidly your contacts' statistics, go in the Dashboard tab. Click on one of the bloc to view the matched participants.

To have a more precise vision over your contacts' registration status, go in the My contacts tab and click on “Columns” > select “Invitation status” and “Registration date” to display the registration status of the participants.

The invitation status are :

  • To treat : people added through an Excel import or without status. People who did not receive invitation campaign to the event including a registration link.
  • Confirmed : people who have confirmed their coming to the event
  • Invited : people who have received an invitation campaign with the link of the registration Url of the registration form and who did not answer to the invitation. The transition from "To treat" to "Invited" is automatic as soon as they receive the invitation email.
  • Payment pending : people who have fill the form selecting a ticket but they still have to pay it before change their status to Confirmed.
  • Declined : people who have declined the event invitation
  • Blacklisted : people who you have blacklisted. This status is just informative.



To get more details on a participant, click on his/her last name or first name. Then, on the top right corner, click on « History » to visualize all the information and modifications related to this participant.