Invitation statuses are automatically generated by Digitevent to help you better control invitations to your event and have a better view of the progress of registrations.

You can find these different invitation statuses:

  • To treat: People added via an Excel import or without status. These people have not received an event invitation campaign containing the registration link.
  • Invited: People who have received an invitation campaign containing the registration page URL and who have not yet responded to their invitation. The switch from "To treat" to "Invited" is done automatically when people receive the invitation email.
  • Confirmed: People who have confirmed their attendance at the event.
  • Payment pending: People who have filled out the registration form and have chosen as the method of payment for their ticket: Cash, cheque, or bank transfer.
  • Declined: People who have declined the invitation to the event.
  • Blacklisted: People blacklisted by you. This status is only indicative.

To view the invitation status of each participant, go to the Manage tab> General > My contacts tab and click on the Columns button, then in the Indicators tab select "Invitation status".

 You can also display the registration date by selecting, in the same place, the field that corresponds to your form.

The Stats section in your Back-Office also gives you quick access to registration statistics. Click on one of the numbers to view the list of associated contacts.


This field is only available if you are using a Contact User account:

To get more details about a contact, click on their first or last name to display their record. In the top right corner, click on the History button to view all the information and changes for this person.