You can add logos and links to the websites of your various partners and sponsors to highlight them on your event website.

From the tab Event website > Partners & sponsors > Add a partner

Enter the name of the partner and its logo: 

Then, enter the information about your partner: 

  • A short description and the URL of the partner's website.
  • Choose the participants of this sponsor present at the event (these participants must be part of your contact base):

- Add its social networks links:

  • Add a pdf document
  • Insert an embed link of a video presentation about your partner. 

You have the possibility to determine the order of your partners by using the interlocking arrow: 

Add your partners and sponsors to your group activities: 

Once you have set up your partners and sponsors, you can add them to your group activities

You can: 

  • Display partners in addition of speakers in program elements. 

  • Click on the partner/sponsor to display the participants and the related activities in the planning as well as the information previously entered (website, video...): 

Add your partners and sponsors on the event website: 

On the event website, you can integrate a prefabricated "Sponsor" model:

Depending on the model chosen, the partners' logos and descriptions will appear on the site.

Participants will have access to all previously entered information by clicking on the partner's logo.