You have the possibility to secure access to the site and to the registration by activating the "portal mode" in Website settings.

When accessing the site, the participant will be asked for an identification key to be able to access it.
This key must be filled in, in one of the fields of the contact form.

Note that this option is only relevant if the participants have a unique identifier (e.g. employee number, password...). This identifier allows you to access the contact form and to modify his information (during registration). 

We, therefore, recommend that you avoid choosing email as the identification key for confidentiality reasons (anyone could view and modify the information of another participant with the simple knowledge of his email).

To activate the portal mode on your registration site: 

1. Manage tab > Event Website > Website Settings

2. Activate the portal mode and select the field that will be used as the identification key.

3. Customize a short message to give your participants the necessary instructions.


- The attendee can fill in their identification key in upper or lower case, however it is important that this field is filled in lower case in their Back-Office contact form (when it is created).