This feature allows you to make grouped changes to one or more of your participants' fields.

From the "My contacts" section, you can select contacts in several different ways :

  • By checking them off one by one.
  • By checking the box in the top left corner of the table to select them all.
  • By using the segment system to display only a group of contacts.

Then, by clicking on the "Grouped edition" button at the top left of your screen, a grouped edition pop-up appears on the right side of your page.

Choose the field(s) to be modified for these contacts and the modification to be made (delete/replace/ticket, etc).

Note : 

This feature also allows you to : 

  • Resend a campaign to one or more participants. By selecting one or more participants, the "Send campaign" button appears and allows you to send (or resend) the campaign of your choice.
  • Delete the selected contacts by clicking on the red trash can. All information concerning these people will be permanently deleted.