In order to register the participants, you have 2 possibilities

  • Use QR code scanning : press one of the buttons on the sides of the scanner > a light appears > point the light at the participant's QR code > once scanned, the participant is automatically registered and an automatic message with "First Name Last Name has just been registered" appears. (Only when using a scanner).

  • Note that you can also scan a QR code by clicking on the QR code logo on the 
    right of the search bar > the camera opens > you can take a picture of the participant's QR code. (In case you use a tablet or a scanner)

Important : The scan is only possible with the Digicheck App, only available on Play store.

  • Use the text search : click on the “Magnifying glass” logo at the top right > a search bar will appear > enter the first and last name of the participant > click on “Go to” on your keyboard > click on the “Validated” icon on the participant's line to register him.

Note that the choice of displaying information on your participants is set in the Back-office > Check-in app > Check-in fields ("customize the fields displayed on the tablets”)