In order to scan off-line, there are several steps to follow : 

  1. Head to a location where you have wifi or mobile network (3G,4G,5G) reception.
  2. Open the Digicheck app and enter the code of your event.
  3. Return to the check-in area (without network)without leaving the app.
  4. Scan your participants without connection, making sure you never leave the app.
  5. At the end of your event, go back to the place where you get wifi or mobile network.
  6. On the Digicheck app, go to Synchronization > Show advanced information > Check that there are 0 patches pending > synchronize data. All devices must have an equal number of participants (counter on the bottom left of your device).
  7. If all devices display the same number of participants in the counter, you can quit the application.