Customizing the blocks of your website is an important step of the personalization of your event.

See below all the tips to organize the content of your event pages.

The different blocks of the site:

In the event website, the blocks are hierarchized:

  1. Text: click here to change the background color of the text block and the internal margin if you wish to change the size of the banner.
  2. Column of 2 blocks: click here to change the internal margin and the background color of the banner surrounding the text.
  3. Row of one block: click here to edit the background color of the row. You can also activate the "Full-width content" option: the entire row will be in the colors of the text area and the column of 2 blocks.
  4. Event website tab > Site design: you can choose a color or an image for the background of your website.

You can switch from one block to another by clicking on the arrow in the upper right corner in the toolbar.


Insert a free text, and modify it with the text editor provided for this purpose.


Once your image is added, you can edit : 

  • The section style (background color and internal margin)

  • The image link

  • The image style (image's size and alignment)


Add a divider and click on it to modify the background color and the line width.


Add a button with a link that will redirect you to a page on your website. Click on it to make the settings appear on the right, then click on the URL button to find all the predefined links.


Insert an interactive map by adding the location you wish to indicate.

Social links: 

Fill in your social links and invite your contacts to check them out.

Note that you can also fill them in General event settings > Social links.