Customizing the blocks of your website is an important step of the personalization of your event. See below all the tips to organize the content of your pages.

Pre-made blocks on the site:

From the Event website tab > Site content > click on the blue pen at the end of your page to customize it. By clicking on the "+" in the center of your page, pre-made blocks will be proposed: 

By clicking in the block you have added, you can customize it by choosing the colors, the link of the button, an image...: 

You can change the text, the name of the buttons and the tags by clicking directly on them. The format, weight and size of the images you can add in the blocks are indicated : 

In order to use the Sponsors block, you must add your partners/sponsors from the Event website tab > Partners & sponsors > create a card on your partner to highlight them in the site block. 

In order to use the Speakers block, you must first add them in your contact database, then affiliate them to one or more group activities (from the Program). Finally, you will be able to add your speakers in the block. 

On some pre-made blocks, you can reduce the bottom margin. This may be useful if the block below has the same background color. 

Unit blocks on site: 

If the pre-made compositions do not meet your expectations, you can create your own composition from unit blocks:

You can add several blocks next to each other and prioritize them: 

1. Text area (or other block): click here to change the background color of the block and the internal margin. 

2. Column of one block: click here to change the background color and the internal margin of the banner that surrounds the block. 

3. Row of one or more blocks: click here to change the background color of the row, the internal margin and the spacing between the columns. You can also activate the option "Full width content", and choose the alignment of the blocks. 

4. From the tab Event website > Website branding: you can choose a color or an image for the background of your website.

You can switch from one area to another by clicking on the arrow in the top right corner of the toolbar: 


  • The pre-made blocks are customizable in terms of image, text, color... On the other hand, the place of the elements in the blocks cannot be modified.
  • You have the possibility to import your font in order to customize the headers and paragraphs of your site. To use this feature, please contact your salesperson.