To organize and customize the content of your pages, click on the "+" button at the center of your page.

  1. TEXT : insert a free text. Once added and selected, a tool bar (resembling the Word or Page toolbar) is available to edit the format, size, or color font. You can also edit links, alignments and background color. 
  2. IMAGE : insert an image in full width.
  3. DIVIDER : insert a divider to organize the content of your website.
  4. BUTTON : insert a button in which you can add links to pages of the site.
  5. MAP : insert an interactive map by adding the location(s) you wish to indicate.
  6. SOCIAL LINKS : fill in your social links and invite your contacts to check them out.

To personalize these functionalities, click here.

Remarks :

  • Note that you can translate your website in several languages 

  • To add a favicon, go to General event settings > Visual identity and import a favicon. We recommend the use of png images and square images.

  • To activate the "Calendar" option, go to General event settings > Registration settings > Add a calendar add button after registration.