In order to allow your guests to register for your event, you can create and customize a registration site. 

This site is composed of pages (by default an Information page is already available) and a registration form (Register).

In your back-office > My apps > Event website:

If you have the white label feature, follow this tutorial to customize the URL of your site.

Customize your site:

- "Site content" tab: 

Add and edit pages, links and submenus :

- Page settings : 

  1. Customize the page to customise the content of your event website
  2. Click on the eye icon to change the display settings
  3. Click on the pen icon to edit the title of your pages
  4. Click on the cross to change the order of your pages

 “Site design" tab: 

Edit the overall design: change the main color of your website, the website font style, choose the size of headings and paragraphs, and integrate an image or a color in the background. 

Edit the navigation design: display the logo in the navigation bar, change the background and text color of the navigation.

Edit the footer : change the background color of the footer and insert a link to add your own general conditions.

Overview: You can get an overview of the changes you make. 

- "Registration settings" tab: Edit the registration form and choose its parameters. 

- "Surveys" tab: Add a complementary form (satisfaction, contests...) to collect more information from your participants

- "Website settings" tab: Limit the site access to your contact list if you event isn't public, and edit the event site url.

You can follow this tutorial to preview your event website : Preview the final rendering of your website, log as ...