After the activation of this feature with your sales representative, go to the "Program" tab to set up Group activities or Matchmaking sessions.

First, you can change the name of your group activities from the back office > Program > Program settings

On the participant side, the name of the group activity will appear like this: 

You can also allow participants to set unavailabilities

This allows your participants to indicate when they are available. If they try to book a meeting when they are unavailable, they'll see an error message. 

You can display informations in the public attendees and speakers profile by selecting the fields you want:

Display the program in your website: 

  • From the back office > Event website you can decide whether or not to display the program to your participants. By default, the program is not displayed at the navigation. If you wish to display it on your website, add the item "Program" to the navigation bar.

  • Rename the page "Program"

To change the color of your program's buttons, go to the event website > "Website" tab > Main color

Redirect participants to their schedule: 

You can redirect participants to their planning via an authenticated link on a campaign button. 

To do so, go to the Campaign tab > add a button and select "Link of individual planning".

Add partners and sponsors to your program: 

To do this, go to the Program tab > Add a partner > put their name and logo. Then you can add a short description (120 characters maximum) and the URL of the partner's website. 

You can choose the order in which they will be displayed, either randomly, or in table order

If you choose the table order, you can use the interlocking arrow to determine the order of yours partners: 

Your partners will be displayed like this on your program page:

Once you have configured your program, you can create Group activities or Matchmaking sessions directly from the tab "Program".