In the Check-in section (access control), you will find:

  1. The check-in points option allows you to sign in your participants at several locations or times during your event. For example: at different times or several entrances.
  2. The possibility of choosing the fields displayed at the time of registration on the tablets or scanners.
  3. An option dedicated to the customization of the check-in interface on tablet / smartphone: color, logo and background customization.
  4. The option of allowing or not allowing participants to arrive in groups. It means to be able to check participants who are not in the database, without collecting information on them, but which has the advantage of being able to count them in the statistics. This feature is not compatible with the following features: group registration, multiple checkpoints and signature.


The feature "auto-messages at check-in" allows you to send automatic messages (mail or SMS) upon guests' arrival or to send a message to inform a team member about a specific guest arrival (for example VIP).

To prepare for your event, feel free to read our article on the precautions to take on the Big Day.

The link allows you to access the check-in interface (also from your computer in order to test before the event).

The check-in on site can be done via: