Digitevent campaigns allow you to manually send a message to all or part of your contact base. This message can by an email invitation or a SMS message. 

In order to add a new SMS campaign 

Go to your Back-Office > Campaigns and click on the "Add a message" button.

A pop-up asks you to fill in the name of the message (visible only to you) and the method of the message (email or SMS). Once you have selected the method, click on Next.

Customize your SMS

When customizing your SMS we invite you to modify and use the following elements: 

  1. The name of the sender
  2. The audience of your SMS (here you will have to use the segments)
  3. Nominative values. They allow you to customize each SMS by integrating a field in the body of the text. Note that the content of the variables can be much longer than the variables themselves. Keep this in mind when looking at the total number of characters in your message.
  4. Use test mailings. It is essential to test your messages to ensure that they are rendered and received correctly. 



  • An SMS has a maximum of 140 characters, including spaces. If you exceed this number, you will be warned how many SMS credits are needed to send a single message. In addition, messages will only be sent to contacts with a phone number in the "Mobile Phone" field.

  • In your text message, you can add special characters. However, if you don't use an encoding allowing the insertion of special characters, they will be replaced by "?".
  • To use special characters, check the "Use an encoding allowing the insertion of special characters (1 SMS = 70 chars)" box.
    Warning: by using these special characters, SMS credit can only contain 70 characters instead of 140 standard characters.