The theme allows you to create a cohesive appearance for all your emails at once. This allows you to ensure the homogeneity of your campaigns. But above all, it saves time when creating a new email.

Edit the theme of your email

For each of your campaigns, you have the ability to use your personalized theme. 

By default, it is composed of your logo (visible at the top of the email) and your legal information (visible on the footer of the email).

You will also see that the colors that are proposed to you are in harmony with the main color that you chose when you created your platform.

To change it, move your mouse over the logo image and click on "Edit theme" > Continue.

The theme is highlighted, you can now edit and customize: 

  • The blocks available on the left that you can drag and drop into the frame. 
  • The background colors.
  • The margins, fonts and button styles available on the right.


  • To respect the RGPD laws, remember to update the legal information.
  • If you change the theme, please note that the old theme will be replaced by the new one in all of your emails (even notifications and automations). 


  • If the multilingual option is enabled on your event, we recommend that you do not put any text in the email theme since it will be the same on all your email campaigns.
  • If the legal mentions are not personalized, you will not be able to send email campaigns from the platform

Customize your campaigns