After activating this option with your sales representative, go to your Back-Office > Manage tab > Event Website > Registration of accompanying persons to set it up.

  1. Add a rule, name it, and enter the maximum number of accompanists.

  2. Target, if necessary, the contacts who can add attendants and use the segment system to do so. If you wish to allow all your contacts to add accompanists, do not select conditions but simply click on "Add" and save.

  3. You can then write an information message to the guests in the "Information displayed" block.

  4. If necessary, you can use a second form reserved for the registration of accompanying persons. Select it in the drop-down menu Accompanists form.

  5. Finally, you will be able to set up the display of the "My accompanists" table for your main guest. Here is the default display:

The addition of accompanying persons on the side of your guests

Once your option is properly set up, your guests will be able to register attendants following their own registration.

Indeed, when a guest confirms his presence, he will be redirected to a page summarizing his registration. 

In the menu on the left, under "Information", he will have a tab "Accompanists" in which he will find the button "Add a participant".


  • In General > My Contacts > Columns button > Indicators, you can display the "Invitation status" field to view guests with one or more companions with the mention "+X accompanist".

  • To display the first name, last name, and email address of the accompanying contact, click on "+X accompanist".
  • In your Excel export, you can recognize the links between the companions and the guest through the Guest Id column.
  • The companion will not receive a registration notification, but he will receive all future campaigns that you will manually send to the confirmed contacts, as he will be a confirmed participant in the Digitevent database. He will then be able to have his own PDF badge if you send a campaign with a predefined links for example.
  • The main guest is responsible for his registration and that of his companions. He is the one who has access to the PDF badges of his companions.