The form allows you to retrieve the information you need from your guests/participants.

To create and customize your form, you can go to your Back-Office > My interfaces > Event website > Register button in the top right corner > a pop up appears.

On this page, you will find several elements: 

  • Digitevent's default fields such as "Last name", "First name", "Email". In the form, the field "Name" is mandatory and cannot be removed.
  • A button "+" at the bottom of the form.
  • A block "Label of the button to submit the form" to modify the validation button of the form 
  • If you have a free event, you will also have a block "Message displayed after form submission", to customize the message below when a guest validates his form.

Add a new field

  • If you have already created your field, you can click on the "+", then on "Field". In the "Check fields to display" section,  you can click on a field and it will slide directly into the list of "Displayed fields".
  • To create a new field and add it to your form, you can click on the "+"  at the bottom of the form, then click on "Create a field" at the bottom of the window. You must then give a name to your field, which will be the question or information the guest will see on the form, and choose the type of field you want.
  • To create a text block,  click on "+" > Description. This block does not need to be completed by the guest, it is often used to add a title, additional information, etc. to your form. Note that you can also add a conditional display to chose which participants is allowed to see that text.

When you make a field of type "List", you have several possibilities. Go to this tutorial: Managing a "List" field to learn more.

You can then find all your fields in your Back-Office > General event settings > Custom fields.

Characteristics of a field

On all your fields, you can find 3 symbols:

  • An asterisk: indicates that this field is mandatory in your form.
  • A padlock: tells you that this field is locked if the information is in your database.
  • An eye: indicates that this field contains a conditional display.

What's next?

Need more than one form?

If you would like to collect further information through other forms, please click on "Add" at the top right of your screen, and on "Form".

Warning: Please note that supplementary forms are displayed only when the main form is filled.