The form allows you to retrieve the information you need from your guests/participants.

To create and customize your form, you can go to your back office > Event registration site > Customize your site > Register button in the top right corner.

On this page, you will find several elements : 

  • Digitevent's default fields such as "Last name", "First name", "Email". In the form, the field "Name" is mandatory and cannot be removed.
  • 2 buttons, to the right of the content, with a "+" and an "A".
  • A block "Button title to validate the form" to modify the validation button of the form 
  • If you have a free event, you will also have a block "Message displayed at form submission:", to customize the message below when a guest validates his form :

Add a new field

  • If you have already created your field, you can click on the "+", then in the part "Select the fields to display" you can click on a field and it will slide directly into the list of "Displayed fields".
  • To create a new field and add it to your form, you can click on the "+" on the right and then "Create a field" at the bottom of the window. You must then give a name to your field, which will be the question or information the Guest will see on the form, and choose the type of field you want.
  • To create a text block you can drag and drop the "A". This block does not need to be completed by the Guest, it is often used to add a title, additional information, etc. to your form.

When you make a field of type "List", you have several possibilities. Go to this tutorial: Managing a "List" field to learn more.

You can then find all your fields in your back-office > General > Custom fields.

Characteristics of a field

On all your fields, you can find 3 symbols :

  • An asterisk: indicates that this field is mandatory in your form.
  • A padlock: tells you that this field is locked if the information is in your database.
  • An eye: indicates that this field contains a conditional display.

What's next?

Need more than one form?

If you would like to collect further information please click on + FORM.

Please note that supplementary forms are displayed only when main form are filled.