Payment by bank transfer is an option that Digitevent can activate if it is not possible for your participants to pay for their participation otherwise.

Digitevent manages wire transfer the following way:

  1. The participant chooses the bank wire at the end of his/her registration.
  2. Digitevent gives the participant a single-use code that he must fill in the transfer reference.
  3. The customer makes the transfer on his personal bank space. He must indicate this reference so that the bank associates this transfer with your event.
  4. When the bank receives the payment with the reference (3-5 business days), it informs Digitevent that the wire transfer succeeded and the order is marked as “Validated” in your Back-Office.


  • If the participant doesn't make the wire transfer, the payment  will continue to appear "In progress" for 2 months and then will automatically expire. As long as it is "In progress" you can't cancel it manually from your back office.
  • If the participant inserts a wrong or no reference, or if the funds are received more than one month after the transfer was selected in the platform, the bank receives the money but is not able to link it to our platform. Digitevent is not able to confirm that the customer has paid. If a participant faces this issue, please collect the transaction number and notify the Digitevent support team by clicking on the "?" button at the top right of the screen (please note that anything other than a transaction number will not be enough for our bank to link the payment with our platform). An official proof of transfer will be necessary to recover the transfer. It will be transmitted to the bank to match the transfer to the correct transaction on your Digitevent event.
  • If the "Program" module is activated on your platform and that you wish to activate payment by transfer, some contacts who would make transfers may remain in "Pending" payment for a few days and will therefore not be able to register to the various group activities and/or make/receive appointments for the matchmaking sessions.