1. This is how Digitevent is managing wire transfer :

    1. The participant chooses the bank wire at the end of his registration.

    2. Digitevent generates a reference.

    3. The customer must inserts it when doing the bank wire.

    4. When the bank receives the payment with the reference, it informs Digitevent that the wire transfer succeded and the order is marked as “paid” in your back-office.

  1. If the participant never sends the wire, the payment stays “In progress” for a month and changes to “Failed”.

  2. If the participant insert a wrong or no references in the wire transfer, the bank receives the money but is not able to link it to our platform. Digitevent is not able to know if the customer has done the payment. If a participant faces this issue, please collect the number of the transaction and notify Digitevent at this address: support@digitevent.com (please note that all other information than the number of transactions will not be enough for our bank to link the payment with our platform.). Notice that an official proof of transfer will be necessary to recover the transfer. It has to contain: the name, the date, the amount, the issuing institution and the beneficiary.