After its activation, you will find this feature in the back-office general page, in Networking section.

First, you need to be sure that your participants received their QR Codes after their registration (with mail campaigns for example).

Then, if you want to allow exhibitors and participants to exchange their informations (phone numbers, emails) via QR Code, this is how it works :

Before the D-Day :

  1. Choose the ID for your networking platform. You would better use an easy keyword.
  2. Choose which field the participants will use to identify themselves. 
  3. You can choose the header image for the platform home page.
  4. If you click on " Configure fields for export ", you can choose the fields that the participants will exchange. For example, it could be the name, the first name and the email adress.
  5. If you enable the comments after participant scan, be sure that you choose the field "Comment" for the export.

For the D-Day :

Be sure that the participants can easily find the networking platform ID and the link which is always during the event. 

You would better tell them which field they will provide on the networking platform. If it is the email adress, it must be the one they used for registration.