It is possible to generate refunds only for orders paid by credit card.

Refunds for orders paid by bank transfer, checks, or cash must be made through your personal account.

To make a refund: go to "My contacts" and open the file of the participant you wish to refund by clicking on the blue sheet icon:

  1. Open the "Ticketing" tab and click on "Details", the order will open on a new page.

  2. Click on "Make a credit note", specify the reason for the credit note, its amount before and after taxes. 

  3. Once the credit is generated, you will have access to a PDF document with a summary of the credit. The status of the ticket will change to "To be refunded".

  4. Click on "Refund" in order to have access to the terms of refund.

You can:

- Charge bank fees to the participant

- Offer the bank charges to the participant and take them from you


  • If you do not wish to charge the participant with bank fees, you can issue a credit note and then refund the participant without using the platform.