You have 2 solutions to allow your participants to register accompanying persons:

  1. Directly in your form, you can make a text field "Name of your accompanying person". This solution does not add the accompanying person as a participant in the database, it is simply an information contained in the form of your guest. If you want a guest to have several attendants with this solution, you will have to make several text fields to ask for their names, but they will have no invitation status, no PDF Badges to their names, no QR Code and will not be on the sign-in shelves etc...

  2. With the "Registration of accompanying person" option, your guests will be able to register attendants after validating their own form. You will be able to view your guests' attendants directly in your Digitevent database, as participants. They will be able to have their own PDF Badges, QR Codes etc... and you will find a link indicator, in "My contacts", between the main guest and his companion in this way:

To set up the "Accompanying person registration" option, you can follow this tutorial: Setting up the "Accompanying person registration" option.