It is possible to show or hide a field in your form according to certain conditions such as: 

Condition the display of a field in the form

  • Go to the tab Event Website > Registration Settings > form fields.
  • Click on the field whose display you wish to condition.
  • Activate "conditional display" and insert the conditions of your choice.
  • In order to condition the display according to your segments, click on the funnel and choose the corresponding segment(s) (example: "VIP" segment).
  • In order to condition the display in relation to one of your previous questions, click on "set a punctual filter" and set your conditions. This option must be made on the question you wish to display or not.

Example: to know if the participants come accompanied, add a list field "Would you like to bring a guest" and let the participants answer "Yes" or "No". Add a new field "Name and first name of the accompanying person" that you condition so that it appears only for the participants who answered "Yes" to the question "Would you like to bring a guest".

Note: it is also possible to condition the display of a text zone in the form.

Condition the display of the pages of the site

When creating a page, you have the possibility to make it visible only for a segment of contacts.

To do this, go to the Event Website > Site Content tab and click on the eye icon next to your page name.