It is possible to show or hide a field in your form according to certain conditions such as: 

Condition the display of a field in the form 

  • Once this feature is enabled, go to the Manage tab > Event Website and then to your registration form.
  • Click on the field that displays what you want to condition.
  • Then activate "Conditional display" and insert the conditions of your choice.
  • To condition the display in relation to your segments, click on the funnel icon and choose the corresponding segment(s).

  • To condition the display in relation to one of your previous questions, click on "set a punctual filter" and set your conditions. This option must be done on the question you want to condition the display based on. 

Note: it is also possible to condition the display of a text field in the form.

Condition the display of the pages of the site 

When creating a page, you have the possibility to make it visible only for a segment.

To do so, click on the funnel icon next to the name of your page in the toolbar.