The Cerfa: invoice issued by an association where part of the payment is considered as a donation.

For events with the "Paid registration" feature activated, it is possible to generate an invoice or a Cerfa for each order.

The invoice

The settings of the invoice are made from the tab Ticketing > Ticketing settings > Invoice customisation > Choose the fields displayed in the invoice

To add the fields to be displayed in the invoice, click on the "+" : 

The Cerfa

If and only if your association is registered in France (please set up the Legal information of the entity in the General event settings tab), activate and set up the Cerfa from the tab "Ticketing" > "Ticketing settings" > "Enable CERFA". 

The amount of the Cerfa can be filled in the payment and add-ons settings. Please note that Cerfa will be edited only for the tickets with a 0% VAT. Also, note that tickets can be created with or without the Cerfa (if the VAT is above 0%).

To generate one of these documents:

  • Go to the tab "My contacts" > Open the file of a participant. 
  • Go to the Ticketing tab > Click on Details
  • Click on Invoice or CERFA

You can also export these documents from General event settings > Export.


Once you have filled in your billing information, you can then emails to your contacts the link to their personal space tab by using the "Link to the participant's account".

When participants click on this button, they are redirected to their account.

To access their invoice or Cerfa, participants can click on "My order" > "Details".