The white label allows you to use Digitevent services in complete transparency. 

The software white label allows you to:

  1. Customize the tablet interface with your logo and background image.
  2. Customize the domain name and sending email address:
    - remove the Digitevent mention from the emails sent (confirmations, invitations, reminders...).
    - edit the sending email address (used for invitations, confirmations...) which is by default:
    - change the URL : for example h will become


Modify the domain name:

  1. You can reserve a dedicated domain name for your event. In this case, we will also set up a redirection email address that will redirect responses to one of your email addresses.*
  2. You can also use your own domain name: Using your domain name with HTTPS

To start the procedure, click on the following card from your event dashboard:

 Please note that the implementation of the domain name can take up to 2 business days.

*Change the sender's email address:

  1. Digitevent creates an email address from the reserved domain (type: We then redirect all emails to the address of your choice (if a participant replies to one of your messages).
  2. We use an email address that you already have ( This requires your IT department to grant us rights to your domain name, which can sometimes be tricky. To find out more: Using your domain name with HTTPS.