This feature allows you to personalize the URL of your registration site and the email sender of your email campaigns. And if your participants reply by email, we can set up a redirection to your own email.

You can choose a new domain for which we will manage the reservation, but you need to choose an available domain name (A) or use a domain name that already belongs to you (B).

A: Using a new domain name for the event

We take care of it for you. Just send an email to our tech team by clicking on the (?) button at the top right of your screen. Tell us which domain name, shipping email address, and redirection email address you want. 

Please note that it takes at least 2 working days for the dedicated domain to be online.

B: You want to use your own domain name

To use your own domain name, you need to know and be able to edit the DNS zones of the desired domain. If you don't, please contact your IT and read our article on the subject.


If you can't edit the CNAME entries given by our support team, you can ask them to set up case A.