In order to allow your guests to register for your event, you can create and customize a registration site

This site is composed of pages (by default an Information page is already available) and a registration form (Register).

Go to the Management tab > Event Registration Site > Customize Site :

If you have the white label feature, follow this tutorial to customize the url of your site.

Customize your site

Once on the editor, you can : 

  1. Modify the general design, by clicking on the palette icon in the top right corner of your screen.
  2. Modify the content of your pages thanks to the blocks available on the right. Insert them by "drag and drop".
  3. Create a form 
  4. Add pages and submenus from the parameter wheel
  5. Allow sharing of your site on networks
  6. Activate and set a calendar option. It will allow your contacts to add your event to their Outlook or Gmail calendar.

From the palette icon :

  • Select one of the three themes.
  • Insert a title: Management > Event registration site > Customize your site > Palette icon > Site title.
  • Add a background image: the image must be in .jpg or .png format. It will then automatically adjust to the size of the screen (the length/width ratio will be kept). Upload an image of less than 300 kb and less than 780px width for optimal viewing. For the moment, we cannot have multiple background images. You have the possibility to adjust the opacity of this image.
  • Choose a color for the banner containing the different pages of your site. Customize your site > Palette icon > Main theme color.

Customize the content of your pages : 

To build and organize the content of your pages, a menu with the different elements is at your disposal on the right of your page. You just have to drag and drop the elements in the center of your page.

You will find the following blocks:

  • TEXT: it allows you to insert a free text. Once added and selected a toolbar similar to what you will find on word or page is available to manage the format, size or color of the font. But also the links, my alignment or the background color.
  • TEXT / IMAGE: insert a free text to the right of an image.
  • IMAGE / TEXT: insert a free text to the left of an image.
  • IMAGE: insert an image on the whole width of your page. To find the recommended dimensions of the images on the website, consult this tutorial.

  • SEPARATOR: insert a line to organize the content of your site.

  • SOCIAL NETWORKS: fill in your social networks and invite your guests to consult them.

  • 2 COLUMNS: Create 2 columns composed of an image and a text.
  • 3 COLUMNS: Create 3 columns composed of an image and a text.

  • ALBUM: Add a photo album to your site.

  • MAP: Add an interactive map to your site by adding the location(s) you wish to indicate.

To customize your registration form it's here 

Remarks :

Note that you can translate your site into several languages!

To add a favicon, go to Event Registration Site > Site Settings to import a favicon, prefer png images and square images.