To do this, go to the Manage tab > Event website > Customize your site :

  • You can customize the link of your page, for example with the name of your event: This manipulation needs to be made before sending the link to guests. Note that the URL represents the language of the event. The choice of this language permits automatic translation of the standard fields of the app (first and last name, default title buttons…).

  • Select a theme among 3: Event Website > Customize your site >Palette icon on the right-top.

  • You can name your page by way of the title page field (optional). This title will center at the top of your page.

  • Define a background visual or banner for your registration page: The image (format .jpg or .png) will automatically adjust in width to the size of the screen (height/width ratio will be stored) Download a banner weighing less than 300 ko & measuring less than 780 px in width for a fast and optimized depiction on mobile

  • You can customize the opacity of your background banner

  • Determine a principal background color: Event Website > Customize your site > Palette icon > click on the color code to bring out the palette or enter directly your color code HTML

  • You can customize the menu of your website with the wheel icon at the left of the nav bar

  • You can add in your website the icon of your social network

  • You can share your event with your social network,  whatsapp or by email