The deliverability rate of an email corresponds to the proportion of email messages considered to have really reached their recipient during a campaign.

After sending your email campaigns, access statistics from your back-office:

  • Global statistics:  Campaigns tab > get your sending statistics directly and click on the indicators to see the associated guests.
  • Deliverability status for a contact: My contacts tab > Columns button > Campaigns > Check the campaign(s) you want to see the statistics for.

Here are the statuses you may encounter:

  • Shipped

The email was accepted by the recipient's infrastructure but was not clicked or opened. It is, however, possible that the email has been classified as "promotions", "spam" or other. It's impossible to know how the email was sorted by the recipient's server because it is an internal rule in the recipient's mailbox. Follow these tips to optimize your deliverability.

  • Sending in progress

The email is being sent. After a few minutes, this status updates to indicate that the email has been sent.

  • Open

The email has been opened at least once, without any of the links being clicked.

  • Clicked

The email has been opened and at least one of the links in the email has been clicked. This does not necessarily mean that the guest has registered. The guest may have visited the site and the form without filling it. Understanding the invitation status of participants.

  • Bounce

The email was sent by Digitevent but could not be delivered because of:

- a temporary error (ex: mailbox full...)

- a permanent error (ex: the recipient's domain name or address no longer exists...).

  • Dropped 

The email was sent but could not be delivered because:

- the contact has unsubscribed from future emails

- the sending server has tried several times to send the email but it did not succeed (usually because the email address does not exist or no longer exists) and it has "given up".

  • Blocked

The email was sent by Digitevent but the IP address was blocked. The email does not have its recipient. Invite your guest to contact his IT department if necessary.

Some helpful notes:

  • Statuses can take up to an hour to update. Your bounce rate (hard bounce or soft bounce) will rarely be zero. If it is, it won't be for long. People change jobs, change providers, or simply close their accounts. Beyond 8%, your bounce rate may hurt your reputation and there's a risk of being classified as junk mail by the recipient's server.
  • In some cases, mail clients have anti-tracking mechanisms that disable tracking pixels. If this is the case, the delivery status may not be updated.