When you send a mass email campaign (group email), you can access deliverability statistics.

To do this, in the Campaign tab, choose the desired campaign:

  • Sent
    The email has been sent but hasn't been opened nor clicked. It is also possible that it went to spam. To avoid it, find how to optimize your deliverability.

  • Sending in progress
    The message is being sent

  • Opened
    The email has been opened at least once, but not clicked.

  • Clicked
    At least one of the links in your email was clicked. We can't provide you with the information of which links have been clicked, nor with the exact number of clicks.

  • Bounce
    - The service is temporarily unavailable and your mailing is waiting in a queue of emails
    - The recipient’s email is non- existent, the email service no longer exists, the domain name of the addressee does not exist…
    Once you have detected a wrong email adress, delete the participant, recreate it and resend the invitation campaign using the "targeted manual sending" in the Messages tab.

  • Dropped
    The email hasn't been delivered:
    - The email bounced too many times
    - The contact unsubscribed from your emails campaigns
    - The contact placed your previous email in spams.

  • Blocked
    The IP adress is blocked by the contact's message inbox or by a firewall.

Be careful!

These statistics are for information purposes only. There may be risks associated with the opening and click information. It is possible that for browser configuration reasons, the clicks on the links are not ‘detected’; on the other hand, all information given is secure.