When sending your messages, you can insert Nominative Values that will be automatically replaced by your contact information. For example: "Welcome *|FIRSTNAME|* *|NAME|*..." will become "Welcome Charles Dupont...". 

These nominative values are the fields that you will find in your form or from General event settings > Custom Fields.

To insert "Nominative Values", click on a block of text in your email for example, and you will see the "Nominative Values" button appear in the text editor. Click to see the drop-down list of all the fields and choose the one you want (last name, first name, or any other contact field).


To add a URL link, you can click on a type of block (text, button, image, etc...) to add it to your email or to your event site page, then:

  • For text: Click on predefined links in the text editing area. 
  • For a button or an image: Define the destination (URL) on the settings banner that opens on the left of the screen.


  • It is not possible to add attachments to email campaigns. It is only possible to share pdf documents and documents through hyperlinks hosted on another server.
  • Some predefined links are related to the mechanics of the event. For example, the URL of the registration page will create a link to the pre-filled registration form for the guest.
  • You can change the text of the pre-defined links by clicking :