You can use your own NFC badges to sign your participants or team at an event.

You can choose how you want to use your badges and how you want to set them up:

  • Before your event, you decide to encode all your badges manually (be careful to distribute them to the right people afterwards because they will be associated to a specific person). 
  • On D-day, you can decide to search for a guest by his name and then click on the NFC sign to encode a badge directly.

Finally, all you have to do is go to your check-in platform, search for a guest and associate a badge with the phone button next to the check-in button. You will see its image appear

At the time of check-in, if you wish to display an image (photo or logo) for each guest, you have several solutions:

  • Add an image directly in Digitevent, my contacts > contact details > find the image field and import the one you want (format .png / .jpg / .jpeg)
  • image field in the form to ask guests to insert a photo

Once the images have been integrated into Digitevent, you can go to your back office > Check-in > check-in fields if you want to make this field visible when your event is uploaded.

Once you have selected your fields, you can change the order of the columns in your table. 

To do this, simply drag and drop the columns (at the header level) directly onto the table using your mouse. A red marker will show you the new position of the column.

You can also change the title of a column by clicking on it, which will activate the editing of the text.