After sending your "Save the Date" and/or your first invitation, you can create a reminder email to all your contacts who have not responded (confirmed or declined your invitation). 

The creation of the reminder requires: 

  1. Creating a new email (or a duplicate of your invitation)
  2. Choosing your audience 

1) Create the reminder email

An email cannot be sent twice to the same contact. 

So, in order to re-launch guests, you must duplicate your invitation campaign or create a new one.

To duplicate an email go to your Campaigns tab and click on the ''duplicate'' option on the right of your invitation.

2) Choose the audience of the message

For a reminder email, you can use the segments' functionality.

This segment is based on the invitation status and allows you to exclude all contacts that have confirmed or declined. 

To better understand the different invitation statuses you can read this article: Invitation statuses of participants.


1) Never enter the raw URL of your event site. Instead, use the predefined tag/link "URL of the registration page". This allows you to:

  • Change the status from "to treat" to "invited" automatically in the contact list (when sending your first campaign). 
  • Pre-fill out the registration form with the guest's information.

In other words, it builds a smoother and faster user journey.

2) Test the email before sending it massively because the sendings are irreversible.

  • Click on the "Send test" button then fill in your email address.

3) If you subsequently import new contacts, send the invitation campaign back to the newly added people.

  • Manage tab > Campaigns
  • Click on the campaign already sent > Send to new contacts.

4) If you don't remember who you sent a campaign to, in the Campaigns tab, click on the "Sendings" indicator. You will then see a list of all the recipients.