A email can't be adressed twice to the same person. Therefore, to send a reminder campaign, duplicate your invitation campaign or create a new one if you want to change its content. Then, use segments related to the status of your campaign or the contact's invitation status.
For example, create the segment: Invitation status - is not - confirmed.

By default,  the segment "Invited participants" will be available.


Remarks :

- Never give the plain URL of your event website via Digitevent mailings but instead use predefined links. Thanks to them:

  • The invitation status automatically changes from "To treat" to "Invited" in the guest list once you send your mailing
  • The registration form is pre-filled with the contact's information.

- Send yourself a "test mailing" before sending it to all your contacts because sending emails is irreversible.

To send a test mailing :

  • Click on the campaign > "Send test" > Enter your email adress

- If you import new contacts, send them the campaign:

  • Tab Manage > General > Campaign
  • Click on the already sent campaign > Send to new contacts.

- If you don't remembered to whom you have sent the campaign, click on the campaign then on "Sending history". You can quickly visualize all your mailings' information (exact day and hour of the sending as well as the segment and number of contacts).