Pre-requisite : Understand the various emails' status

Two methods can help you optimize deliverability:

  1. Follow our advice
  2. Ask for a deliverability audit

Our advice

  • Make sure your recipients are qualified and have authorized access to your mailings.
  • Enter a real sender's name (with a first name)
  • Create short and unique subject
  • Personalize your mailings with nominative tags (first name, last name, society...)
  • The 50 first characters of your mailing are taken into account by your recipients when choosing to open, or not, your message.
  • Avoid using words related to agressive advertising (ex: promotion, free, congratulations, save money...)
  • Stay simple in your mail's content (avoid using too many images)
  • Use a personalized email adress (available with the white label feature)
  • Include legal mentions (society name, its adress and a link to future emails unsubscription)

Ask for a deliverability audit

If the majority of your recipients share the same domain name (corporate event for example), we recommend that you put our technical team in contact with the ISD hosting the recipients' email server to make sure no firewall will block your mailings. The deliverability audit is included in the white label feature. For more information, contact us.