The checkpoint functionality allows you to record/control your attendees' passage through multiple checkpoints during your event. For example, if your attendees have access to several workshops, you will be able to keep a record of attendance at each of them and find an overview of this data in the back office of your event.

How to proceed?

Before the event, add and configure the control points :

  • From the back office, in the tab "Check-in points". If this is not available, please ask your sales manager to activate it.

  • Add the necessary check-in points and rename them at your convenience (example: "Seminar 03:pm", "Plenary", "Cocktail" ...).

During the event, select the control points to be used :

  • On the download interface, in the top left menu, click on "Control Points".
  • Tick the check-in point where your tablet/smartphone should record arrivals.

By doing so, you will be able to move from one check-in point to another depending on when or where you use the unit.

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