To approach the event serenely, here are some precautions to take:

  • Check your internet connection at the event venue.
    A connection is required to load your contacts on the tablets or scanners.
    Once uploaded, you can sign in participants even if you lose the connection.
    You will only need to retrieve a connection after the upload is complete for the data to synchronize.
  • Make sure your tablets are charged.
  • Make sure that your event is no longer in Draft status (it must be activated from your Back-Office using the code provided by your sales manager).
  • Write down the 6-digit secret code of your management platform, which can be found in your Back-Office > Check-in app > Event code: XXXXXX
  • For security reasons, avoid logging in to the Back-Office from the download tablets.

We invite you to test the check-in in real conditions no later than the day before your event, especially if this is your first use of Digitevent.

All you need on your tablets is to update Google Chrome. Then go to and enter your event code to start greeting guests. As more attendees sign in, statistics will be displayed and updated.

To access full-screen sign-up, click Add to Home Screen in the browser options.

Please note, if you are using live printing and/or scanning of contacts, do not use Chrome, but follow the appropriate procedure.