If the printing feature is not activated in your back-office, please contact Digitevent.

You can print nominative badge on the day of the event directly from your check-in tablets. See this functionality in video !

To connect the printer on the D Day

We advise you to follow these steps prior to your guests' arrival: 

  1. Plug the power cord into the socket and turn on printer
  2. Open printer by pressing down on the two yellow buttons on the side, to verify that the labels are well positioned. 
  3. Pair 1 tablet per printer (via the tablet's settings > Bluetooth > the printer's number appears in the list of recognized devices.
  4. On paired tablets, (install the Android Digicheck App, if not done already) then open it.  (see procedure
  5. Enter your event's code given in your back-office > On-site Check-in > event code at the top of the page 
  6. On the tablet, click on the menu (top left-hand corner) and click on "Printer"
  7. Select the printer you have paired previously in the 3rd step. Be careful, do not pair more than one tablet to the same printer through the Digicheck App. The unpaired tablets must print through Chrome, using the link in you back office > On-site Check-in.


You are facing difficulties...

  • Make sure that 1 printer = 1 tablet (using Android Digicheck App). Once the pairing is done, you can print through the check-in interface on Chrome.
  • Make sure you never pull away the paired tablet and printer.
  • If the printer isn't printing:
    1. In the Digicheck app, click on "Select a printer" and disconnect the paired printer then re-pair it.
    2. In the tablet > Settings > Bluetooth, make sure only one tablet is paired. If you are not sure, unpair all devices and re-pair the right printer.
  • If your wi-fi signal is weak or unstable, only print through the tablets using the app.



If you want to switch event in the app, click on "Leave and reset cache".