This functionality helps you warn your staff of a special guest's arrival.

(WARNING : you must respect phone number format +33 6 XX XX XX XX)

If you haven't imported your guest list yet:

  • When importing your Excel file, add a column and name it "VIP alert" for example.
  • In this column, enter the phone number of the person to warn at the arrival of your special guests.
  • When matching the fields, create a new field of the type telephone.

Once your guest list is imported:

  • In the tab  Manage > Check-in Auto messages at the check-in Messages > Check-in messages > Create a check-in SMS.
  • Name your campaign, select "Send to" and the field that you have created specifically for the alert, here "VIP altert"
  • Once it is all set up, change status to "In progress" for the SMS to be sent automatically 
  • If your event has more than one check point, a message can be sent each time someone is check in one of them.
    Create a new group of contact : Check #2 arrived, and apply it to your message.

If your participants are already imported and you haven't imported a special column with phone numbers to alert, you can also go to the tab Manage > General > Custom fields > Create a field > Name it and select telephone type.

Remarks :

  • You need to have SMS credit 
  • The message will be sent only once, even if you check your participants twice at the same check-point.