You can program automatic SMS to be sent when a participant is checked in at the event. These SMS can be sent to the participants or to one or more people of the organizing team. 

1. In the Notifications and automations tab > Add automation > Arrival at a check-in point.

2. If you want to send your message to only a portion of the participants, you can set the option "Only if the guest matches a segment...". 

For example, if you wish to send a message at the arrival of a VIP, select the VIP filter.

3. Write your text message. Click on "Nominative values" to include name tags:
For example, you could say..: *|FIRSTNAME|* *|NAME|* has just arrived at the event.

4. If your event has several check-in points, SMS can be sent by each of them.


  • You must have SMS credits (on request from our sales team).
  • You can add several phone numbers by clicking on the "+" symbol at the bottom of your page.