This functionality is available from the “PREMIUM Check-in” and only SMS works with a credits system. For more information, contact us.

This option allows you to automatically send emails or SMS when participants are checked (to send the program, wifi code, or any practical information).

From the Management tab> Check-in> Auto messages at check-in> Click on Add message.

If SMS :

  • Choose the name of your message, which will only be visible to you. (Ex: Sending schedule)

  • In "Message method", choose SMS.

  • It is imperative to write a sender whose name does not exceed 11 characters.

  • You can, in the body of the message, insert the nominative variables of the participant by clicking on "Nominative variables". For example: Welcome * | FIRSTNAME | * * | NAME | *… will become: Welcome John Doe…

  • Make sure that the telephone entered in the import is in the correct format with the country code (For example: +39 876 34 43. + 44 ……). 

If Email :

Choose your audience :

Using the "Edit Target" button, you can restrict your message to certain contacts.

For example, you can design a welcome email for your staff, and a welcome sms with a different message for the guests.

Warning !

Once your message at check-in has been set, change its status from "Paused" to "In progress" in order to activate the automation.