This option allows you to automatically send emails or SMS when participants check-in (sending the program, a welcome message, wifi code, or any practical information).

From the Notifications and automations tab > Add automation > Choose one of the two options:

- Arrival at any check-in point > if you have different check-in points, the email/sms will be sent when you sign in a participant from any check-in point. 

- Arrival at a check-in point > choose a check-in point > the email/sms will be sent when you check-in a participant from the check-in point you choose.

Choose your audience:

You can restrict your message to certain contacts using the segments for each automation.

For example, you can design a welcome email for your team, and a welcome SMS with a different message for guests.

Choose how you want to send your message: 


  • Choose the name of your message, which will be visible only to you (for example: Sending the schedule).
  • It is imperative that you specify a sender whose name does not exceed 11 characters.
  • In the body of the message, you can insert the participant's nominative values by clicking on "Nominative values". For example: Welcome *|FIRSTNAME|* *|NAME|*... will become: Welcome Paul Durand...
  • Please make sure that the phone number entered in the import is in the right format with the country code (For example: +39 876 34 43. +44...).

If email:

  • Fill in the name of the message (only visible to you).
  • Choose an available template.
  • Fill in the subject.
  • Fill in the sender's name.
  • Compose your emailing.
  • Save your email.


  • When you save your email/sms, please click on "Back" in the top left corner to save your new automation globally via the "Save" button at the bottom of the automation. 
  • Before activating your notifiaction, we recommend that you send a test to yourself or to a member of your team by clicking on the "Send test" button from the email/sms.
  • Once your check-in message has been set up, please check the box at the end of the notification to activate the automation of the sendings.