Send automatic messages at your contacts' arrival. Welcome them, communicate the program and/or the menu, the wifi password or all information you think might be useful.

Starting with the Manage tab > Check-in > Auto messages at check-in :

  • Choose Email or SMS
  • In Send to, select cell phone number or email of the contact, then compose your message. You can insert tags that will personalize for each contact.

Example:  Welcome  *|FIRST NAME|* *|LAST NAME|* …

  • Enter the sender's name.
  • Once your message is ready, save it.
  • Make sure that the telephone number in My contacts tab is in the proper country format with the international dialing code (ie.+39 876 262 34 43.  +44…..)
  • Make sure that you change the status from "Paused" to "In Progress" to activate the sending automation

Be careful! 

If a contact has no email or noted telephone number, the message will simply not be sent.