At any time and up to a few months after your event, you can make an Excel (.xls) export from your back-office.

To do so, go to the General Event Settings > Exports > New export > Excel export of contacts.

You can choose a segment of your contacts to have an accurate analysis of your event. You will find, for example, the default segments: 

  • All participants
  • Confirmed participants: contacts who have validated their registration form
  • Participants who declined: contacts who have declined the invitation
  • Contacts to process: contacts with invitation status "to treat", "invited"

And all the other segments you've created!

Finally, you can select the fields you want to display in your export by clicking on the "Choose the information to export " button.

By checking the box "Do you want to export campaign statistics?" you will find in the exported excel file the information related to the email campaigns for each contact (sent, clicked, opened...).

Export the contacts present at your event

In order to export the list of guests who came to your event, you must first ensure that all check-in devices are synchronized with the Digitevent servers:

  • On the check-in interface > top left menu > Synchronization, check that all participants have been synchronized. Click "Display advanced information" and check that the number of "pending patches" is 0. If not, check your internet connection, reload the check-in page, and click "synchronize data".

Once all of your data is synchronized, go on your back-office and select the segment "Arrived participants" to have an Excel export of all guests who came to your event. You will then get an additional column with the precise arrival times.

If a participant was added to the tablet during the event, you will find "extra" in the "source" column of the Excel file. You can also export only people that have been added on site with the "Extra participants" segment.

If you have used the tablet signature feature: In your Back-Office > General event settings > Exports > click on PDF with signatures to have a table with all signatures from your guests.