Exporting data

After your registration, first make sure your tablets are well synchronized:

  • At the bottom right of the sign-in interface, bring up the details of the tablet and verify that all participants have been synchronized and that the number of pending patches is 0. If this is not the case, check your internet connection, reload the sign-up page, and click on "force synchronization".

Export your subscription data to Excel:

  • In your back office Management> General> Exports. You can download the list of participants by choosing the Arrived Participants segment. You will then obtain precise arrival times. If the participant was added to the tablet during the event, you will find "extra" in the "source" column of the Excel file.

If you used the tablet signature feature: In your back office> General> My contacts> Click PDF with signatures.

Exporting data from a certain segment of contacts

Consider using segments for a better analysis of your event. For example, you can view:

All contacts invited by a specific collaborator

All contacts from a given company who did not come

All contacts who did not participate in a particular workshop ...